Shadow Edge - Hatshepsut's Tomb - Forever Entertainment S.A.

NewsIt's the middle of the year 1940. German forces are occupying a big part of europe. It's only a matter of time that US army will get engaged in this conflict and send their troops to the old continent. You are a member of the US special forces and have been commanded to go to Egipt. Our sources say that the pyramid of Hatshepsut may hide a powerful artifact that is vital to our army's success. Your mission is to explore the tomb, and retrieve it. I think you should know that our sources detected some paranormal readings. It looks like the dead came back to life to defent the precious treasure.

Can we count on you soldier? The fate of this war is in your hands.

Shadow Edge: Hatshepsut's Tomb runs best on iPhone 3GS or newer. Shadow Edge HD runs best on iPad or iPad 2.